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Japanese-made U.S. insurance middle-aged children's masks (30 individual packages)

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JHPIA Japan National Industrial Association recognizes Bihou three-layer mask made in Japan
(masks for children from high school to elementary school)

BFE/VFE 99%: Nelson Lab, USA

PFE 99%: Japan Kaken Test Center

Approved by JHPIA Japan National Industrial Association
BFE/VFE/PFE 99% Filtration The soft fabric inside is soft to the mouth Use thick ear ropes, long time wearing will not hurt

Product Specifications

  • Super soft non-woven fabric, (ear rubber) soft flat rubber
  • Material: (Body) Polypropylene, (Eargel) Polypropylene, (Nose Piece) Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: W 132 x H 80 mm
  • color: White
  • Origin: Made in Japan