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HYGINOVA Eco-Friendly Disinfectant and Deodorant Spray - 1L (Refill) (Made in Hong Kong)

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The 4-layer sealed structure increases longevity and protection for easy storage. The small mouthpiece makes it easy to refill the spray bottle.

HYGINOVA is one of the few high-level broad-spectrum disinfectants that meet 5 EU standards and can be used for daily cleaning and thorough disinfection. Whether it is a non-enveloped enterovirus or a spore with a hard shell, all of them are killed.

It can remove formaldehyde in the air or released by objects, eliminate odor caused by bacteria, and its strong oxidizing ability can bring you fresh and natural air.

No unpleasant pungent odor, non-toxic, colorless, non-corrosive and low-irritant. It does not hurt the skin, does not damage the surface of the object, is non-flammable, and is safe to use in the environment of newborn babies, children, adults and pets. After the disinfection and deodorization spray, it can be decomposed naturally without adding burden to the natural environment.

Animal-free, vegan and environmentally friendly, HYGINOVA is the first Asian houseware brand to receive Cradle to Cradle® Gold Certification

Ingredients: Hypochlorous acid (150~210ppm), Sodium chloride, Purified water
Packaging bag: Made in Japan Validity period: 1 year, please use up the refill within 6-8 months after opening (the date printed on the packaging shall prevail)
Preservation method: Please tighten the lid, store in a cool indoor place, avoid sunlight or high temperature, not store with acidic chemicals Place of Origin: Hong Kong

*You must use HYGINOVA's spray bottle. Do not open the spray bottle before you use it up. Failure to follow HYGINOVA's official guidelines for use may affect its efficacy. *