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KARMA BITES Lotus Seed Popcorn (Spicy)

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KARMA BITES offers new snack formats using lotus seeds as popcorn ingredient. Committed to the development of raw foods to create healthy snacks. Through careful selection of lotus seeds, the most suitable fruits are selected; the lotus seeds are then dried in the sun; finally, they are coated with different flavors.

Lotus Seed Popcorn is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and natural ingredients are safe and reliable. At the same time, a pack of only 100 calories, even fitness people are definitely suitable. Five flavors: Vanilla Coconut, Mustard, Caramel, Spicy, Himalayan Salt. Many flavors, there is always one that suits you!

This flavor utilizes Peri-Peri hot sauce for flavoring. Peri-Peri sauce originated in Africa and was improved by Portuguese colonists and spread all over the world. It has become the main seasoning for Portuguese spicy chicken.

Weight: 25g