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KOZACLA NYASA Mosquito Net Fabric (4 Colors)

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The mosquito net raw cloth is matched with cats designed by designer Miharu Kosakura. There are four different cat shapes and shapes, which are very cute.

"KOZACLA (コザクラ)" is a brand established by Ms. Sakura Miharu. It has been active since 2014 and has carried out activities in an all-round way, mainly with unique pattern items such as cats and owl patterns. Since its launch, it has successfully attracted the attention and love of many people. And "NYASA" means "Cat x N○SA".

Mosquito net raw ground cloth is made of mosquito net fabric. The weave is thicker, and there is a large space for air to pass through. It is full of softness, strong water absorption and quick drying. It does not leave unpleasant odors, and it is hygienic and comfortable. Mosquito nets are versatile, woven from highly absorbent rayon and cotton to quickly wipe away dirt. Not only for cleaning tables, but also for cleaning dishes.

*The finished product will be coated with a layer of vegetable starch at the end, it is recommended to soak in water before the first use, it will become soft after soaking*

Size: 30 x 30cm
Material: Front Fabric: Cotton, Middle Fabric/Back Fabric: Rayon Origin: Japan