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Homegrown Winter Melon Sauce - Fig Leaf & Lemon Flavor (280g)

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Using Lai Chi Wo to organically produce fresh winter melon, which is different from the grassy flavor of ordinary winter melon tea, the melon flavor is fresh and strong. Boiled with different flavor ingredients for more than 3 hours, the taste is sweet and fragrant; the boiled wax gourd is smooth and soft!
The aroma of locally grown organically grown fig leaves is soft and fresh, and the taste is sweet and fragrant with the addition of local organic lemons.

drinking method
Add a tablespoon of winter melon juice to a cup of water and mix, you can adjust the taste according to personal preference

Local winter melon , brown sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, local lemon, local fig leaves

Net Weight
280 grams

Storage method Refrigerate and drink as soon as possible after opening