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Locally grown Double Ginger Golden Paste (160g)

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Using high-quality raw materials, 100% original flavor! Hand-selected organically produced fire ginger, smooth turmeric powder and lemongrass from Lai Chi Wo, and cooked with high-quality organic camellia oil. Camellia oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, has a high smoke point, and completely retains its nutrients during cooking. Slightly spicy, rich in flavor, full of color and flavor. Just adding the Double Ginger Golden Sauce to taste is enough to linger on the cheeks, making it memorable again and again.

How to eat
Mixed noodles/rice, marinated meat, stir-fried vegetables or steamed tofu

Organic Camellia Oil, Local Fire Ginger , Scallions, Local Turmeric Powder # , Local Lemongrass # , Sugar, Garlic, Organic Sesame, Salt, Organic Black Pepper

Net Weight
160 grams

Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, refrigerate after opening and eat as soon as possible