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5-pack of adult masks made in Japan without ear straps

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JHPIA Japan National Industrial Association recognizes Japanese-made adult masks without ear straps

With the sticky design without ear straps, there is another option for those who have sore ears when wearing a mask.

Since it has no ear straps, it is more suitable for use in hair salons. It is also convenient for people to wear glasses to reduce ear discomfort.


Approved by JHPIA Japan National Industrial Association
BFE/PFE 99% Filtration Internal Soft Fabric Soft to Mouth

Product Specifications

  • Super soft non-woven fabric, (ear rubber) soft flat rubber
  • Material: (Body) Polypropylene, (Eargel) Polypropylene, (Nose Piece) Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: W100 x H mm
  • color: White
  • Origin: Made in Japan


Do not use for a long time

After use, please tear it away slowly to avoid hurting the skin

Sweat, water and makeup may affect adhesion

If you feel unwell, please stop using it immediately