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Erao X Vegetarian Good So Good Series - Vegetarian XO Sauce + Perilla Tempeh Sauce

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One price, double enjoyment, the mini package is suitable for "holiday cooks" who don't cook often.

Vegetarian good so good series - Vegetarian XO Sauce + Perilla Tempeh Sauce

Ingredients: Golden Mushrooms, Vegetarian Ingredients (Soybeans), Cordyceps Flowers, Shiitake Mushrooms, Chili Powder, Premium Soybeans (Soybeans, Cereals That May Contain Gluten), Mushroom Powder, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Salt

The sauce is made by cooking at low temperature for two to three hours. Suitable for cooking with side dishes, or as a dipping sauce to add flavor

Perilla Tempeh Sauce

Ingredients: Tempeh (black soybeans, soybeans), green peppers, ginger, perilla leaves [Er'ao], chili peppers, soybean oil, flake sugar, premium soy sauce (soybeans, cereals that may contain gluten), mushroom powder

Locally grown organic perilla leaves and high-quality Yangjiang tempeh are carefully cooked and have a sweet and fragrant taste. It is a versatile choice for cooking and accompanying food.

Net weight: 90g X 2 Total weight: 350g