100% Natural Essential Oils

COOLISTIC's essential oil series are carefully selected by us from all over the world,

Each is pure and natural, 100% extracted from nature's plants,
Let you enjoy the fragrance of nature in every corner of the world anytime, anywhere.

  • Origin: PERU Peru

    The unique aroma full of positive energy can purify messy thoughts, relax the mind, and reduce physical and mental stress.

  • Origin: HUNGARY Hungary

    With the warm woody aroma of the Christmas tree, it is suitable for relaxation and stress relief. Promotes vitality during times of mental and physical fatigue.

  • Origin: INDIA India

    The woody fragrance is rich in layers, suitable for use when you need to concentrate and calm your mind, such as reviewing work or spiritual cultivation.

  • 產地:CANADA 加拿大


  • 產地: SIBERIA 西伯利亞


  • 產地: ITALY 意大利


  • 產地:AUSTRALIA 澳洲


  • 產地:BRAZIL 巴西


  • 產地:INDIA 印度



  • 產地:CHINA 中國



  • 產地:INDIA 印度


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【In the shared space】

Coolistic essential oil can be used free of charge in Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong. Let you feel the energy of different countries in a relaxed space.

Yaoshan Kiln - 400 Years of History [Hasami Ware] Incense Diffuser

Diffuser made in Japan

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