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Driver Hill Filter Cup (Coffee Gold) 1-3cup

Driver Hill Filter Cup (Coffee Gold) 1-3cup

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. 【No special filter paper is required】2-4cup conical filter paper (V60) must be used
. 【Easy to use】The direction of water flow can be fixed without professional brewing skills during the extraction process
. 【Ice Grain Pattern】Strengthen convection, increase the contact between coffee and water, and reduce the bitterness caused by overextraction
. [Titanium element] Very small titanium molecules on the surface make the capillary pores of the filter cup body nanosized, and there will be no problems such as oxidation and fading
. 【Fusion of cone and fan-shaped filter cup】Through the small hill in the middle, the powder layer is thinned, thereby increasing the flow rate and extraction rate
. Taiwanese design. Made in Taiwan. Patent on file
. SGS inspection qualified, no heavy metals, plasticizers and bisphenol A and other harmful substances
. Insured Fubon 10 million product liability insurance

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