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"Sun Wukong's Somersault Cloud" 3D Cloud Disc

"Sun Wukong's Somersault Cloud" 3D Cloud Disc

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Work: "Sun Wukong's Somersault Cloud"

Introduction of works:

Sun Wukong's somersault cloud, everyone knows very well. With three-dimensional construction method, plus rounded lines, lovely Somersault Cloud allows you to place it in the middle of the countertop, the entrance, the company front desk, and more.


Naoaki Mineo (ceramic artist)

The potter teacher Mine Oo was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and is a member of the Modern Arts and Crafts Association. In 2013 , he was awarded the Modern Art Award at the 52nd Japan Modern Art Exhibition.

Mine O-sensei has a small studio in Yokosuka, There he will create different pottery works with the children. The purpose is to make different interesting life objects, Let you have a little luck in your daily life.

therefore, Naomi Mine's creations are all made with round and plump lines. With simple lines and rich pink tones, Let you have a knowing smile.



Yokosuka, Japan (limited production by craftsmen)

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