Mentor Monthly Fee Terms

Mentor monthly fee plan, cooperation plan and terms and conditions of hosting activities:

Mentor monthly fee plans (hereinafter referred to as plans) include SIMPLE, PRIME, PLUS, PRO, PRO II monthly fee plans

Mentor monthly fee plan participants (hereinafter referred to as registered mentors)

Participating students (hereinafter referred to as students)

Other relevant persons (such as but not limited to: teaching assistants, parents, guardians, etc.) (hereinafter referred to as other relevant persons)

Coolistic (hereinafter referred to as our shop)

Boheng Enterprise (hereinafter referred to as the company)

Shared space (hereinafter referred to as the venue)

Independent rental room (hereinafter referred to as room)

15 minutes before and after the reservation period (hereinafter referred to as the free period)

Eligibility and use rights:

  • Participants of the Mentor Monthly Fee Plan must be the only mentor who personally hosts the activities and workshops in the store before they can participate and make appointments.

  • The monthly fee plan can only be used by registered tutors and cannot be shared by multiple people.

  • ​The monthly fee plan is not transferable.

Workshop nature:

  • Our shop accommodates workshops of different natures. Only our shop still hopes to respect every guest present, so if the activity is disgusting or disturbing to those present, the shop reserves the right to suspend the activity immediately and ask the registered instructor and students to leave the venue.

  • Shared spaces (venues) are not suitable for events with strong smells, lots of sound, and large physical movements. For related activities, you can choose to rent a separate room (room) of our store to hold it.

  • ​If you make an appointment to hold events and workshops, you must provide the contents of the club for the arrangement. If you refuse to provide, the shop also reserves the right to refuse its appointment.


  • Reservation room must be paid in full first, shared space is temporarily not required.

  • All reservations are non-refundable.

  • In addition to registered tutors, students and other related parties (such as but not limited to: teaching assistants, parents, guardians, etc.) will be charged based on the student fees in the plan. Parents and guardians are exempted if the entry time does not exceed 5 minutes.

  • If the registered tutor is not the tutor of the event in the event, (such as but not limited to: participating in activities organized by other registered tutors in our store, co-organizing workshops, serving as a teaching assistant, etc.), the registered tutor of the event will be used. Student fees are calculated for the program enrolled.

  • The fee is only paid by the registered tutor at the time of checkout, and payment by the student to the shop is not accepted.

  • Monthly plans are billed hourly only, not full-day.

  • Charges are calculated on an hourly basis, and a fraction of an hour will be calculated on an hourly basis.

  • The cooperation plan will be charged by debit and will be divided by the total tuition income of the activity. The default is 60% to the tutor and 40% to the shop.

  • Under the cooperation plan, if there are students participating in the event who have not registered or received payment from our store, the students will be charged based on the tuition fee of the event and the debit calculation between the store and the instructor.

  • ​Under the partnership program, the instructor will be responsible for the cost of materials for the event.

  • Under the cooperation plan, if the tutor cancels or is absent from the event for any reason after admission, the tutor will not receive any benefits received from the event.

  • Under the cooperation plan, if the tutor cancels or is absent from the event for any reason after admission, the tutor will no longer get the opportunity to cooperate with the store.

  • If a tutor is studying with another tutor, the tutor of the learning will also be regarded as a student and will be charged to the tutor of the professor, unless the tutor of the learning has participated in the All-Monthly Pass/All-Day Pass Service, or paid a single fee by himself.
  • If multiple tutors teach the same student, the shop will still charge each tutor for the student's fee and will not share or only charge one of the tutors.

seat arrangement:

  • Events and workshops require prior appointments and locations are arranged by store staff. If you want to use it immediately without a reservation, there will be a chance that there is no space available because the space is full.

  • If the number of people increases or decreases or the activity time is changed, the registered instructor should notify colleagues at the relevant location 72 hours before the activity to make arrangements. Otherwise, there is a chance that it cannot be arranged due to problems such as full seats.

  • Seats are arranged by the clerk based on various considerations to provide the best position for the registered tutor. Therefore, if there is insufficient space at that time, the tutor's transfer request may not be accepted.

Rental time:

  • Registered tutors can be exempted from the calculation fee within 15 minutes before and after the appointment period (hereinafter referred to as the “waived period”). If the instructor enters the shop after the appointment time, or leaves earlier than the appointment time, there will be no waiver.

  • The venue and room must wait for the registered instructor to enter the venue before its students can enter the venue. If the registered instructor does not enter the venue, students need to wait outside the venue and room.

  • After the event, the registered instructors and students and others must leave the venue and cannot extend their stay.

  • If you register your instructor or trainee to stay after the event, you need to check with the store staff to see if there is a vacant seat before making arrangements, which will be charged on a single charge.

  • The registered instructor must wait for all students and other relevant persons to leave the venue before leaving, otherwise the shop will charge the registered instructor HKD$230 for each student and other relevant persons who have not left the venue as an arrangement fee, and then the staff will arrange for you to leave the venue.

  • For all activities (except regular classes), the student time of , starts from the appointment time of the registered tutor or the arrival time of the registered tutor (whichever is earlier), and ends with the departure time of the registered tutor. It will not be calculated separately for each student's entry and exit time.

  • Regular classes (activity classes with fixed dates and times every week) can be applied for calculation based on the students' entry and exit time. Instructors need to truthfully record the entry and exit time of the students and hand them over to the clerk for settlement when they leave. If there is any dispute, the CCTV record of our store will be used as a comparison.

For safety:

  • ​If you need to use special equipment (such as electric stoves, etc.), the registered instructor must inform the shop when making an appointment. It is up to the shop to decide whether it is safe or if there is enough power supply to allow it to be used.

  • If the participants of the activity are minors, at least one adult or registered adult instructor (hereinafter referred to as the person in charge) must be present for each activity, who is responsible for monitoring, managing and taking care of the children present, and ensuring that the children comply with the venue and workshop rule. If there is pickup, the person in charge must ensure that the minor is picked up by their parent, guardian or authorized person.

  • It is the responsibility of the registered instructor to ensure the safety of students on the field and at the event. The company will not be responsible for any injury, injury or loss of the students.

Registered Tutor and Student Conduct:

  • Registered instructors and trainees must maintain good conduct and follow Coolistic bylaws and clerk instructions. Failure to follow the rules or profanity will not be accepted and subject to immediate expulsion without compensation.

  • ​The registered instructor must be responsible for cleaning and restoring the venue and returning it to the venue. Otherwise, the shop will charge the registered instructor a cleaning fee of HKD$500.

Baggage / Personal belongings:

  • The registered instructor and students must take care of their luggage and personal belongings by themselves.

  • Coolistic may provide storage space for temporary storage of luggage or belongings during the event. However, please note that Coolistic will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any items in the venue and in the room.

legal liability:

The activity instructor needs to ensure the safety, legality, and accuracy of the actual activity and description of the activity. The company will not be responsible for the loss and dissatisfaction of the participants due to the event, only the participants can report to the company from the submission form after the event. The legal responsibility arising from the activity shall be borne by the instructor.

The terms and prices are subject to change without prior notice, subject to the announcement on the website.

Cash coupons will only be given out at the time of participation, and value-added services will not be given away or made up for the price difference.