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Dish of bread CLASSIC

Dish of bread CLASSIC

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Xindao Fan Gao from Fugang, I have always believed that time with my family at the dinner table is very important, So I established 716 studio with my wife , and used the familiar and favorite objects and animals around as the theme. For example, bread, rice balls, cats, etc. are created into different food containers.

Japanese craftsmanship

パンのおDish CLASSIC

A plate made in the shape of a square bag is perfect with a piece of toast.

M- length 18.5cm, maximum width 16cm, height 2cm, thickness 10mm

S- Length 14cm, maximum width 11.5cm, height 2cm, thickness 10mm

*Because each product is handmade by craftsmen, there will be slight differences or small flaws in handmade products, such as color shades, etc. attention please.

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