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Uno Asira SAVE the CAT Ceramic Small Plate (Minoyaki)

Uno Asira SAVE the CAT Ceramic Small Plate (Minoyaki)

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This is a Mino-yaki small ceramic dish designed by Asira Uno with a beige casserole cat on it.

"SAVE the CAT" is a cat-themed work created by Japanese magazine "ねこ" and creators who like cats. This is a Mino-yaki ceramic dish designed by designer Asira Uno.

Akira Uno is a well-known Japanese illustrator and graphic designer. Born in Nagoya in 1934, he graduated from the Design Department of Nagoya City Arts and Crafts High School. Since the 1960s, many of his works have focused on depicting girls and ladies. Many of his works are also cats, he likes big cats and lives with two cats.

Size: (Dia)10.5 x H1.6cm
Material: Ceramic Origin: Japan

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