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Nara mosquito net raw vegetable and fruit bag (small)

Nara mosquito net raw vegetable and fruit bag (small)

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The fruit and vegetable bag is made of mosquito net fabric, which is hard and flat, has strong water absorption and fast drying, does not leave unpleasant odors, and keeps the ingredients dry.

Making mosquito nets is a local traditional industry in Nara that has been active since the Edo period until today. Nowadays, mosquito net gauze is used to make various series of products. "Natural" refers to the original appearance of the fabric.

Mosquito nets are well-ventilated fabrics with rough creases. A manufacturing method that uses thread weaving to allow air to pass through a large space. Also, because it is a woven fabric, it does not deform easily.

Size: 12 x 15cm
Composition: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan
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