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"Flower Star & Night Sky" Meteor Coffee Cup with Night Sky Sauce

"Flower Star & Night Sky" Meteor Coffee Cup with Night Sky Sauce

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Work: "Flowing Stars & Night Sky"

Introduction of works:

With the theme of shooting stars and the night sky, you can grab a cup of coffee that will make you happy and mind-relaxing.

The body of the cup is the morning sky, colored with a mixed glaze to bring out a light and layered powder blue. The handle is made with layered pottery technology, adding layers and three-dimensionality, becoming a shooting star with a beautiful tail. .

The three-dimensional cute night sky disc, the author hopes that everyone will say "Ah! I haven't seen this before".


Naoaki Mineo (ceramic artist)

The potter teacher Mine Oo was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and is a member of the Modern Arts and Crafts Association. In 2013 , he was awarded the Modern Art Award at the 52nd Japan Modern Art Exhibition.

Mine O-sensei has a small studio in Yokosuka, There he will create different pottery works with the children. The purpose is to make different interesting life objects, Let you have a little luck in your daily life.

therefore, Naomi Mine's creations are all made with round and plump lines. With simple lines and rich pink tones, Let you have a knowing smile.


Cup: about 7.5cm wide, 9cm high capacity about 200ml

Plate: about 12cmx10cm, 3.5cm high


Yokosuka, Japan (limited production by craftsmen)

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