DENEN makes exquisite sea salt from Noto seawater using the "Yohama-style method" of salt-making technology that has been used for more than 500 years on the Noto Peninsula.

This traditional method of making sea salt by hand is increasingly rare not only in Japan, but also around the world.

Introductory video of Ono Toyo げhama 塩田しお

  • Chao Sa き

    In the morning, Hamashi will carry the water into the "draining bucket" by hand, and then use the "drum bucket" in the shape of a cannonball in his hand to disperse it on the salt field.

  • sand

    Afterwards, a tool called "Xi 揫え" is used to spread the sand evenly in the salt field in a row, and dry it in the sun for 8 hours.

  • sand を dry さ せ る

    The sand in the salt fields began to dry up, and the salt in the sea crystallized into a white gauze.

  • か ん を を め る

    Then, use the upper tool "Shinji (いぶり)" to gather the sand near the "滿boat (たれふね)".

  • か ん sand を weeping boat へ 入 れ, か ん water をとる

    A "shuttle boat (たれふね)" is a wooden box-shaped filter. Hamashi will put sand into the boat and then fill it with sea water. After the seawater passes through the sand with crystalline salt, it will become seawater with high salt concentration, and it will flow out and collect from the water outlet under the hanging boat.

  • Weeping boat を disintegration し て sand を 戻 す

    After the boat is used, it will be disassembled, and the sea sand will be returned to the Yantian again for use tomorrow.

  • sand を whole え, muscle eyes を つ け る

    Hamashi once again spread the sea sand and dried it, waiting for reuse.

  • Hirapotami

    High-concentration seawater is placed in a flat wok for cooking to increase the concentration.

  • Araki き し た か ん water を filter

    The seawater is then filtered from a barrel (どうけ) filled with bamboo, bamboo charcoal and sand to remove impurities.

  • flat pot で moto cook

    After filtering, cook in a pot again, you need to adjust carefully until the water is dried up and then slow down the fire.

  • 塩の selection

    In the final step, the inspectors will remove the remaining impurities with their eyes and hands, and finally absorb the foreign objects with a special metal detector.

  • 塩のcomplete

    The final packaging is the Noto sea salt that can be purchased now.

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The sea level of Noto is at the junction of cold and warm currents, so the micro-ecology is particularly rich. The nutrient-rich environment and the rich and beautiful forest trees along the coast bring nutrients from the forest to the sea after rainfall, which makes the mineral content of the seawater relatively high.

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