Eco-friendly selections from Japan and around the world

Here, you can feel the creation of people in Japan and around the world to maintain environmental protection.

  • Eco bags made in Japan

    World-renowned GOOD DESIGN AWARD award-winning design.

    Extremely light and thin, with Japanese tailoring, it can be folded as thin and thin as a handkerchief and stored in any pouch.

  • Japanese wooden tableware

    Made of natural wood, practical and durable. Made without chemicals, it is safe to eat.

  • Food made in Japan without additives

    It fully expresses the Japanese people's cherishing of the blessings of nature. Made with Japanese raw materials, no added ingredients. Eat natural and healthy.

  • Organic Imabari / Quanzhou towel made in Japan

    Made with organic cotton grown in fields that have been free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers for three years, and woven into Imabari-certified cotton thread.

    High-quality towels made in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, famous all over the world, absorbent and soft.
    Japanese Quanzhou towels feature light, fast drying and softness.