• Abandon packaging and reduce waste

    Abandoning the packaging of general products not only reduces the waste of packaging materials and resources, but also allows customers to actually decide the quantity to buy according to their own needs, avoiding the frequent waste of "buying a large package at least, and not drying the food."

  • Bring your own container or purchase a reusable container

    In physical stores, you are welcome to bring your own containers for shopping. We also have glass containers in different capacities to choose from.

  • Carefully selected high-quality products

    We try to supply directly from local producers to support local businesses and reduce our carbon footprint.

    The products imported from overseas are mainly direct delivery, additive-free and organic.

limited time promotion

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans - Single Origin Beans / Blends

We partner with local roasters in Hong Kong to provide the freshest variety of coffee beans for your enjoyment.

These coffee beans can not only be purchased and tasted at home, but also can be enjoyed in our shared space.

Each time we provide you with a small batch of single products and blended beans.