Share our retail operations

A cooperation that shares our retail resources with you and allows you to have free time.

Become a COOLISTIC online salesperson and work anytime, anywhere.

  • No cost investment

    We prepare the goods and manage all sales, service and logistics for you. You don't need to invest any money to sell our selections,

    Create extra income for yourself.

  • No working hours limit

    There is no contract binding, no working time limit, and no running time. As you like, sell anytime, anywhere, at will,

    Grow your income freely.

  • Clear and transparent data

    Salespeople can log in to the system at any time to view sales amounts and data, and the information is transparent and clear at a glance.

  • Delving into the world of Japanese craftsmen

    You will have more opportunities to come into contact with Japanese craftsmen, and first of all, use various craftsmen products.

    We will provide you with in-depth information about Japanese craftsmen, allowing you to better understand the world of Japanese craftsmen and broaden your horizons.

COOLISTIC online salesperson

Operation mode

Simple operation mode, you only need to log in to the interface, select the product link you want to promote or send your unique website link to the customer to place an order.

You can also use the link to place orders yourself and then sell them to customers, and you can also earn commissions.

COOLISTIC online salesperson

Application method

Click on the page below and you will be directed to register an account at any time. After completion, you will wait for our approval. You can use it immediately after success.

COOLISTIC online salesperson

Benefits and Remuneration

Your buyers will be able to get a discount from you, allowing you to gift them with your savings. And you can earn commission from every order.

On certain days, or when certain goals are reached, you or your buyers will be able to receive different types of free gifts.

COOLISTIC online salesperson

Promotion opportunities

Online salespeople are divided into different levels, which are upgraded based on sales volume. The higher the level, the higher the commission you can get and the more gifts you can get.

The grades are Silver, Gold, and Plantinum.

  • Log in to the system

    Log in to the sales system online, select COOLISTIC in Collabs, and see your current commission ratio and the amount of discounts received by customers. Click into the COOLISTIC store.

  • Choose the products you want to promote and sell

    You can select the specific products you want to promote, view the commission for each product, and click to get details and product links. You can also share your unique link below.

  • Copy link or discount code and share

    Share product links, unique links or unique discount codes with buyers. When they purchase through the above methods, you will earn a commission after the order is completed.


Do I need to sign a contract?

COOLISTIC online salesperson is a free cooperation project and does not require signing any contract.

How much commission will I earn?

The salesperson will start at the Silver level. After each product is successfully sold, he can share 12% of the selling price (deducting discounts) as a commission. And buyers from you can get 8% shopping discount from the link or discount code you provide.

Are there any conditions that prevent me from getting commission?

If the order is not successfully completed, the order customer requests product return or exchange within 14 days or other reasons until the order fails to receive payment, no commission will be received for the order.

How long will it take for me to receive a commission?

We will settle the commission for the previous month on or before the 15th of each month. If the commission does not exceed HKD$100, the commission will be transferred to the next month and will not be paid until HKD$100 is sufficient.

Can I purchase and sell goods myself?

OK. You can purchase products in your account and sell them yourself, and you can use shopping discounts and earn commissions, but you will need to handle any after-sales service yourself.

I am a retail store, can I stock items for sale?

OK. You can purchase products in your account and sell them yourself, and you can use shopping discounts and earn commissions, but you will need to handle any after-sales service yourself.

However, we recommend that you contact us directly to obtain seller qualifications.

Will my online salesperson qualification be cancelled?

possible. If you do not have any transactions for 60 consecutive days, or if you violate our rules, your online salesperson qualification will be cancelled.

Become a COOLISTIC online salesperson

我們邀請你成為COOLISTIC 網上銷售員,向大眾訴說每一件職人產品的故事。 We invite you to become our online sales creator to share the stories of our products, letting the public knows how our artisans spent years to make their product perfect.

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