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"にゃんこ宫" Lucky Cat Suzuo Shrine

"にゃんこ宫" Lucky Cat Suzuo Shrine

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The craftsmen make various works with high-grade materials of Japanese shrines in the factory in the mountains. include "Tono cypress" from Gifu prefecture, "Owase cypress" from Mie prefecture, and "Kiso cypress" from Nagano prefecture. All three kinds of cypress have a light and comfortable color, unique grain and warm texture, which is healing.


Like the real high-level shed, Made from "Tono Hinoki" grown in Gifu Prefecture, With hand-woven bells, Let you ring the bell and make a wish.

There is a cute beckoning cat in the palace, the right hand attracts wealth, the left attracts popularity, At the bottom of the lucky cat, you can draw a lucky lottery to see your luck.

The store outside the palace is guarded by a pair of little golden mice, and there are also hand-painted cute cat footprints. There is even a small jade palm that can emit night light!

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen

お宫: Produced in Gifu Prefecture East thick cypress
にゃんこ: pottery

【Size about (cm)
お宫外寸: Height さ10.5 pieces 11 Olympiad 8
お宫内寸: Height さ6.5 width 6 Austrian line 4.5
にゃんこ: High さ5 pictures 3.5 Olympic line 3.5


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