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small animal massage ball

small animal massage ball

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The pinched little animal looks very cute.
We tried to recreate these lovely scenes by printing on fabric.
Please keep them with you, rule more everyday.

It's not just a mascot!
The critter has a urethane ball on the bottom that can be used to press on pressure points and pass through the body parts that are bothering you Come rub and relax.

When you are tired of working at the computer, Squeeze it.
When you're bored with work, just Just squeeze it.

Heal you anytime, anywhere.

[Hedgehog] Approx.: W9 x H11 x D9cm
[Rabbit] Approx.: W9 x H12 x D9cm
[cat] (not including the tail) Approx.: W9 x H11.5 x D9cm
[My Neighbor Totoro] (no Including tail) Approx.: W9 x H11.5 x D9cm
*All models are without ball chain.

Material/Ingredient: Polyester, Polyurethane [Filler] Polyester [Ball] Polyurethane
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