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Xiang saiwai/ GABA green tea

Xiang saiwai/ GABA green tea

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Health and longevity meaning. It is designed in the style of Japanese traditional "Kumiko" woodworking, with auspicious patterns of flax, gentian and Katsushika.

It is suitable for people who wish for longevity and health.

Tea introduction:
GABA is an amino acid that relaxes and calms people.
Green tea has just the right amount of astringency and a mellow aroma, making it a healthy and easy-to-eat tea.

On the border between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, there is a mountainous area called "Sayama Hills". In the north of the hills, the tea produced in Saitama Prefecture is called "Sayama tea", and in the south, the tea produced in Tokyo is called "Tokyo Sayama tea", or "Tokyo tea".

Packing: 2g tea bags x3
Place of Origin: Sayama, Tokyo

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