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"Dancing Little Beans" dance course for children

"Dancing Little Beans" dance course for children

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Course Introduction :
The preschool stage is the fastest period for children to develop physically and mentally. The habits and characters developed during this period have a profound impact on the child's life. When 3 to 6-year-old children take dance classes, parents should not be disappointed when they see their children sitting in the classroom, unable to follow the strong rhythm, make neat and lively dance steps, and learn nothing except playing games.
Because children between the ages of 3 and 6 have limited cognitive and coordination abilities, to be precise, they don't even have a clear distinction between "up and down", "left and right", "front and back" (direction).

Therefore, the children's dance class mainly focuses on guidance and enlightenment. The content of this course is an enlightenment class based on "games", "rhythm" and "dance".

Course content:
~Through children's favorite way of learning - "game activities" to arouse motivation and let children learn happily ~ Through music and interesting body movements, let children explore and understand their own bodies ~ Cultivate children's observation ability, imitation ability, Concentration and imagination ~ Improve children's social skills and confidence in performance

Event date and time : Available by appointment

Number of activities: 4-7 people

If you want to arrange other days, or want to inquire about Baotang, please email for inquiries.


COOLISTIC Kwun Tong Store

117 How Ming Street Harbor Trade Center Room 02, 10th Floor ( APM Direct access to the shopping mall at the exit of Qiaoming Street, no need to walk on the ground street)


If the event needs to be canceled due to insufficient number of people, we will notify you one week before the event and arrange a full refund.

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