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DIY Diffuse Wooden Flower Workshop

DIY Diffuse Wooden Flower Workshop

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Have you ever thought that even a flat wooden board can be turned into a three-dimensional flower vase? In this workshop, you can learn how the recently popular three-dimensional puzzle models are designed~

You don't need to have any painting experience, you can simply and easily complete the creative art decoration with your own style. I hope that during the production process, you will discover more of your own artistic style and creativity.

Workshop Features • Basswood is used as the main material. Basswood has strong coloring power and can be dyed, is light in weight and is not easy to deform. In addition, it has the characteristics of water absorption and volatilization. Using various characteristics, paint pigments and spray aromatherapy essential oils on wooden boards. And with manual assembly, it can become a three-dimensional diffuser wooden vase display, which is beautiful and practical!
• Each person is provided with 12 colors of acrylic paint, including red, magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, etc. Participants can also use the color palette Prepare your own exclusive color. Acrylic paint will be insoluble in water after drying, not easy to fade, and has good durability. There is no specified coloring step in the process. You can use flat pens and sharp pens to paint wood flowers. It is simple and easy to use Feel the interest of artistic creation • Under the guidance of professional instructors, beginners without any artistic talent or hand-making experience can freely play and easily produce distinctive three-dimensional art works. The instructor will also share coloring experience For reference, relax your mind through handicraft creation, and ensure that every participant can participate in the activity • A total of 6 wooden board flowers of different designs are given to each participant to freely combine and combine, with wooden vases and painted in different colors, piece together step by step Your personal style • No need for additional tools, just use your hands to splice wooden vases, pure handmade feel the satisfaction brought by handmade art, and you can put glass test tubes and colored gravels (with blue and pink, used to fix the position of the plank flower), and then spray your favorite aromatherapy essential oil on the plank flower, you can make the work add fragrance to your home

Workshop content • Introduction to the characteristics of basswood and the production steps of wood vases • Learn the structure and skills of wooden vases • Choose your favorite wood flowers for creation and matching • Share and teach wood flower coloring skills and color applications • Use different colors of wood vases Match and match, use your creativity and imagination to make your own wooden vase

activity selection
A Six pieces of wooden flowers with wooden vases and glass test tubes (colored crushed stones can be selected from blue or pink, the length of wooden flowers is about 18-20cm, and the size of wooden vases is 28x10cm)
*Activity does not include aromatherapy oils or black/gray gravel

Detailed information Finished product size: 28cm high x 10cm wide Wooden flower size: about 18-20cm long
●Material: Basswood / Glass / Stone ●Time: 90 minutes

Number of activities: 10-20 people

Event date and time : Available by appointment

If you want to arrange other days, or want to inquire about Baotang, please email for inquiries.


COOLISTIC Tsuen Wan Store

Room 2101H, 21/F, Nan Fung Center

COOLISTIC Kwun Tong Store

117 How Ming Street Harbor Trade Center Room 02, 10th Floor ( APM Direct access to the shopping mall at the exit of Qiaoming Street, no need to walk on the ground street)


If the event needs to be canceled due to insufficient number of people, we will notify you one week before the event and arrange a full refund.

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