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Lichee Tanghuang | Loose Tea | Optional Tea Jar Lychee Rose | Loose Leaf | Tea-riffic Tins

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Rose tea that has been blended for a long time. Using French rose and Chinese lychee black tea, every sip exudes a rich rose fragrance, making you feel more relaxed.

Origin :  Hua tea house mix

hot bubble

Water temperature: 100 °C

Brewing time: 1 minute

Brewing ratio: 5 grams per brew, add 300 ml of water

A special tea-blend that combines roses from France, and lychee black tea. Every sip will let you enjoy the refreshing scent of rose, and it will ease your mood to start-off a day. 

Origin:  CTG House Blend


Water temperature: 100 °C

Brewing Time: 1 min

Brewing Ratio: 5 grams per brew with 300 cc of water