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Nanfang Tieyu (Cubs School)

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The Japanese have always used southern iron to boil water for drinking, because the iron improves the water quality and makes it mild, and people who are iron deficient can absorb it.

Iron jade is a well-known product in Japan. When the water is boiled, the iron jade will be boiled together, and the iron jade will release more iron for drinking and absorption.

Nanbu Ironware was developed in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, with an ancient method of more than 400 years of history. According to legend, the production of Nanbu ironware began in the mid-17th century, when the Nanbu family, who ruled northern Iwate Prefecture at the time, hired technicians from southern Japan to Morioka City to make ironware such as swords, armor, and teapots. Due to the abundance of natural resources in the area, ironware was able to flourish locally and become a specialty product.

To this day, southern ironware is known around the world for its quality, simplicity, and durability. The Southern Iron Kettle is the most famous of these and was officially named "Japanese Traditional Craft" in 1975. Therefore, the southern iron kettle is now famous in Europe and the United States. There are also health benefits to using a southern iron kettle. The water boiled in the iron kettle contains iron, and it is said that the water quality will be better and milder. Southern Ironware retains its traditions while also innovating, and is now available in a variety of colors to perfectly integrate into modern society.

Nambu iron ball (The bears' school)

 Japanese people always use southern iron ball to boil water for drinking. The iron can improve the water quality and can release iron for people to absorb. 

Origin: Japan