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Locally grown Perilla Lemongrass Stewed Lemon (220g) (360g)

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Locally grown perfumed lemon has a stronger fragrance than ordinary lemons. It is simmered with basil and lemongrass over slow fire with rock sugar, and the finished product is fragrant and moist. It is dried in autumn and winter and mixed with warm water to moisten the throat and warm the heart; in the hot summer, it is made into a soda drink, which is refreshing and thirst-quenching; and the taste with lemon slices is satisfying.

How to eat
Hot drink : Bake a tablespoon of lemon juice and other ingredients in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes. You can adjust the taste according to your personal preference. Stewed lemon slices can be eaten directly.
frozen drink : Mix 1 tablespoon of stewed lemon juice with other ingredients and 200ml of soda water, you can adjust the taste according to personal preference.

Local Lemon, Rock Sugar, Local Lemongrass, Local Perilla

Net Weight
220g or 360g

Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, refrigerate after opening and eat as soon as possible