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Japanese craftsmen hand-made all-brass Zhenyu paperweight-Triangle

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Paper weight made from solid brass.

In a shape of polyhedron with perfectly balanced faces, it is easily to hold, steadily sits on the table and fits pleasantly in the hand just about the size of a walnut.

Paper weight triangle

Size / 38 × 46 × h35

Weight / 215g

Paper weight rhombus

Size / 49 × 35 × h33

Weight / 235g

Paper weight square

Size / 35 × 35 × h35

Weight / 312 g

3 kinds of ともDINDO クルミの実ぐらいのサイズで手の中に気手ちよくReceive まります.
Polyhedron ですが, full ての face が parallel face なので手にしたときにち上げやすいです.

ペーパーウェイトTriangle サイズ/38×46×h35
Weight / 215g

ペーパーウェイト Rhombus サイズ/49×35×h33

ペーパーウェイト Four Corners サイズ/35×35×h35
Weight / 312g