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Ramen Takeout Box Made in Japan

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Traditional Japanese ramen takeout box.

Made of aluminum, with wooden handle, full of retro flavor of the Showa era.

There are two types of tall (vertical) and horizontal (horizontal), respectively.

The inner space has 2 or 3 layers respectively.

The front box has a retro industrial appearance. In addition to being used for food delivery, it can also be used as a decoration, or as a top plate.

*Please note that since the product is for business use, there will be many flower marks and a few dents made during production on the surface. The shop will not return or exchange due to these flower marks.

Model/L x W x H (mm)

2 vertical sections / 260×250×233
Vertical 3 sections / 260×250×330


Case (aluminum), handle (natural wood), divider (synthetic board)