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Er'ao X Huiyou Cooking - Scallops with Spicy Sauce

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Tammy has always cooked Southeast Asian dishes, so this time the sauce is based on Southeast Asian flavors, plus the flavor of Erao. Using Tai O's special flavors such as dried shrimp, salted fish, shrimp paste, mussels, etc., plus Southeast Asian elements, the mix & match has a different flavor!

Scallop Flavor Sauce is easy to match with any ingredients. It can be used to make Thai fried rice, fried prawns, boiled seafood, etc. It is also a convenient and fast choice.

Ingredients: dried scallops, dried shrimp, salted fish, dried squid, shrimp paste, lemongrass, red pepper, chili pepper, dried shallot, ginger, garlic meat, white pepper powder, chicken powder, sugar, red pepper powder, fish sauce, Oyster sauce, vegetable oil

Total weight: 330.00g Net weight: 180.00g