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Er'ao X Mizilian - Nourishing Black Bean Rice Tea

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Producer: Mi Zilian is committed to researching and collecting various ingredients and Chinese medicinal materials for local brands in Hong Kong to cook them into different diets.
Committed to creating the idea of high-quality Chinese herbal health soup and tea, so as to improve the health of Hong Kong people.

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Nourishing black bean rice tea, the ingredients are 2 o broken rice, 2 o rice husk, black bean, black sesame

Rice tea is based on "fried white tea", which has the effect of invigorating the middle and invigorating qi, strengthening the spleen and harmonizing. Due to prolonged sitting/standing, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise, people in the city are prone to suffer from insufficiency of qi and spleen and stomach. Therefore, fried rice tea is a good food for health care in the city.

Efficacy: beauty, black hair and kidney, reduce edema due to physical deficiency, moisten the intestines, relieve constipation

**Mild temperature, more suitable for people with cold bottom

Drinking method: Put the tea bag into the teapot/cup, add about 250ml of hot water, let it stand for 20 minutes before drinking

Gross weight: 220g Net weight: 200g (10 sachets X20g)