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Er'ao X Mi'er Kitchen Series - Golden Silver Fish Sauce + Lemongrass Sauce

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One price, double enjoyment, the mini package is suitable for "holiday cooks" who don't cook often.

Mi'er Kitchen Series Co-pack - Golden Silver Fish Sauce 90g + Lemongrass Garlic Sauce 90g

Golden Silver Fish Sauce
Golden Salangidae Sauce

Ingredients: soybean oil, minced garlic, shallot, onion, dried shrimp skin, whitebait (fish product), shrimp roe, turmeric powder, sea salt, ginger powder, sugar, crushed black pepper, pepper powder, sesame oil, dark soy sauce (soybean, Cereals that may contain gluten), oyster sauce* (*crustacean products)

The exclusive recipe was developed by Mi’er, a female chef who supports local agriculture, and specially selected organic turmeric powder dried at low temperature between 30-40 degrees, that is, ground black pepper, and garlic and ginger powder from Er’ao. Made with shrimp roe. It is boiled and refined by hand with a fine fire, and the perfect proportion of the formula makes the golden silver fish sauce that is fragrant, sweet, spicy, fresh and salty.

Lemongrass Garlic Sauce
Soybean Oil, Coriander Leaf Root, Fresh Lemongrass, Garlic Only Seed, Fish Sauce (Fish Products), Gula Melaka, Lime Leaves (Main Veins Removed), Lemon Peel, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Pepper, Turmeric Powder, Lemongrass pink

The exclusive recipe was developed by Mi’er, a female chef who supports local agriculture. All-purpose minced garlic and lemongrass grown in Tai O are full of Thai flavor. The natural aroma is very refreshing. It is used as the basic Thai sauce.
Lemongrass Garlic Sauce can not only be used to dip grilled or steamed seafood, but also can be used to make some simpler Thai dishes, such as steamed fish, fried squid, Thai pork neck, chicken wings, pork chops, etc.