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Erao x Vegetarian Good So Good - Perilla Tempeh Sauce

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Perilla Tempeh Sauce is a local series of Er'ao Farming Cooperative. Locally grown organic perilla leaves and high-quality Yangjiang tempeh are carefully cooked and have a sweet and fragrant taste. It is a versatile choice for cooking and accompanying food.

Master Kailian from Malaysia is a master who likes cooking and hopes to connect with food and promote vegetarianism. Using water and firewood from the mountain, he slowly cooks authentic vegetarian sauce, and concocts perilla bean paste and XO. Vegetarian sauce. Food is linked to promote vegetarian food, but urban people are too busy. Cooking pasta, simple stir-fries or fried rice with vegetarian sauce can already add umami, save time and is very convenient.

Net weight: 180g
Ingredients: Tempeh (black soybeans, soybeans), green peppers, ginger, perilla leaves [Er'ao], chili peppers, soybean oil, flake sugar, premium soy sauce (soybeans, cereals that may contain gluten), mushroom powder
Storage method: Store in a cool place, refrigerate after opening
Made in Hong Kong