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Erao x Camp Chef Marco Lo Italian Tomato Red Sauce

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Italian tomato red sauce is a local series of Er'ao Farming Cooperative. A red sauce prepared with tomatoes from different regions, such as Italian/American/local tomatoes. Tomatoes from different countries have different sweetness and acidity, so the taste of the sauce is layered, and after high temperature treatment, it is rich in lycopene and has a higher nutritional value. It is convenient to take out to make spaghetti, pizza, etc.

Camp chef Marco Lo has been in the catering industry for 24 years and has worked in management of major catering establishments. In 2008, he obtained the qualification of public nutritionist, participated in education work in different communities, and brought health nutrition information to different social classes. In recent years, the Mediterranean diet culture has been actively promoted. The Mediterranean diet has been recommended by the World Health Organization as the healthiest diet. It mainly uses local fresh ingredients, high-quality cooking oil and natural spices for seasoning, and mainly uses raw and low-temperature cooking to maintain food nutrition. , sugar, oil), Marco, who has rich cooking experience, designs and cooks a variety of Mediterranean dishes, hoping to bring healthy food culture to all levels.

Net weight: 180g
Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Dried Tomatoes, Onions, Cashews, Garlic, Sweet Pepper Powder, Basil, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar
Storage method: Store in a cool place, refrigerate after opening
Made in Hong Kong