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Made in Hong Kong, Sichuan hot sauce, chili oil and Paprika. A try will leave you with endless aftertaste.

" Handmade with love, carrying on the flavor of Sichuan "

The founder’s mother is from Sichuan, and she has always eaten her mother’s chili oil. Since elementary school, I have been sharing my mother’s Sichuan dishes with everyone around me. From my classmates, friends, and colleagues during my school days, everyone was full of praise after trying it.

I spend countless nights researching the recipes of chili oil and chili powder, hoping that the chili oil or chili powder will be too spicy but not fragrant or numb, or fragrant but not spicy. After countless attempts, we finally developed a formula that is suitable for everyone's taste and is fragrant, numb and spicy.

The Sizzle 's chili oil tends to have an authentic Sichuan spicy taste, and special innovative chili products will be launched from time to time.

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