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土佐產 森田鰹節湯包 (20包) Bonito soup (20pcs)

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來自鰹節(俗稱木魚)的發祥地, 高知縣土佐市。 
高知縣面對太平洋,並位於黑潮暖流之位, 因而盛產鰹魚, 並以焙乾技術製成鰹魚節。

湯包以鰹節與其他煮干(沙丁魚乾、竹筴魚乾、鯖魚乾、昆布 )混合製成,不合防腐劑與化學物。




食用期日: 開封後約3個月 

From the birthplace of Bonito (commonly known as Muyu), Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture.
Kochi County faces the Pacific Ocean and is located in the Kuroshio Warm Current. Therefore, it is rich in bonito, and the bonito festival is made by roasting technology.
The soup bag is made by mixing bonito and other mixture (sardine, dried jack mackerel, dried mackerel, kelp), without preservatives and chemicals.

Just put in hot water and cook for 3 ~ 5 minutes before use. Soup packs can be used as noodle soup bases, cooking materials (such as slow-cooked radish) , hot pot / sabusabu soup bases, etc., and are widely used.

Each soup pack can be used for 1 to 2 people.

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, please store in a cool place.

Expiry date: around 3 months after opened