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Indigo persimmon dyed pouch

Indigo persimmon dyed pouch

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Familiar Japanese motifs are printed on chic indigo-dyed cloth.
The opening is arched to take advantage of the stained texture.

Dyeing by stacking indigo dyeing and persimmon shimi dyeing
The indigo color has a vintage look with added tan accents.
The color of indigo changes with the natural environment, so you can enjoy it to your heart's content.
Hand painted swirls look will vary depending on dyeing season and weather conditions.
This is the only original dyeing in the world where no two patterns are the same.

*Color may vary slightly depending on water composition, season and weather. Please note that there may be uneven coloring and darkening. Please note that colors may fade slightly due to natural dyes.

Size: Approx. 16x12x5cm
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