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Japanese-made "Sinchumochi" Wagashi & Black Honey "Goku" Baumkuchen (A)

Japanese-made "Sinchumochi" Wagashi & Black Honey "Goku" Baumkuchen (A)

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The most common Japanese wagashi is "MONAKA" (the middle one). It is a traditional Japanese dessert. There are five different colors of wagashi in the gift box, with 3 packs of Hokkaido bean paste. Put the bean paste fillings into the cakes and make your own "Zenchumochi" by yourself.

The moist and sweet Baumkuchen made with Hokkaido milk has a deliciously baked texture, and the delicious black honey flavor is even better. There are 5 flavors of Baumkuchen, Brown Sugar Baumkuchen, Soybean Flour Baumkuchen, Japanese Chestnut Baumkuchen, Cinnamon Baumkuchen, Sweet Potato Baumkuchen, Black Bee Candy , 1 piece each.

Gift box size: 275X238X71mm

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