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Lucky Cat Hello Kitty (Red)

Lucky Cat Hello Kitty (Red)

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Persimmonuma Doll 【招き猫】 "star wish"

Awarded as the work of "The Wonder 500" in Japan.

The Kitty figure made of high-quality kimono fabric is elegantly dressed in a kimono with sleeves made of real kimono fabric.

While collecting your favorite cartoon characters, you can experience the advanced traditional craftsmanship of Kakinuma dolls.

Kakinuma dolls use the traditional doll-making technique "kimekomi" (kimekomi), and use different types of high-grade fabrics to cover the beckoning cats made of paulownia. The fabrics used are all traditionally woven for making high-end kimonos, such as Yuzen, Nishijin, Glorious, Kinkaku, etc. Contemporary materials such as leather and camouflage fabrics are also used.


H120 x W60 x D70mm

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