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NOTOHIBAKARA Cypress Hydrosol Spray 200ml

NOTOHIBAKARA Cypress Hydrosol Spray 200ml

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NOTOHI BAKARA The cypress mist made from "Noto ヒバ", a cypress tree that grows on the Noto Peninsula, fills the room with the fragrance of the forest. All wood is sustainably grown. "Noto ヒバ" has natural anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-insect effects. Its aroma is more relaxing.

NOTOHIBAKARA Essential water is 100% pure "Noto ヒバ" extracted by distillation, without adding chemicals and flavors, 100% natural ingredients, and has a wide range of uses. It can be sprayed into the wardrobe to prevent insects, sprayed on clothes, and pillows. Deodorize and anti-bacteria. It can be used to prevent mildew in the bathroom and kitchen, or it can be sprayed anywhere in the room at will to add a comfortable atmosphere.

According to the tests of "Japan Food Analysis Center" ( ) and "Institute of Food and Environmental Hygiene Co., Ltd." ( ) , it can be tested within 5 Kills 99% of bacteria* in minutes.

Test objects include:
Staphylococcus aureus - 99% reduction in 5 minutes
Influenza virus - 98% inactivated after 3 hours
E. coli - 99% reduction in 6 hours

Streptococcus pyogenes - 99% reduction in 1 hour
Drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - 99% reduction in 1 hour

Made in Japan
*Shake well before use

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