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Popcorn (almond/caramel series) & Baumkuchen made in Japan

Popcorn (almond/caramel series) & Baumkuchen made in Japan

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*The gift box may not be delivered before the New Year, if you want to give it as a gift for the New Year, please choose store pick-up.

The moist and sweet Baumkuchen made with Hokkaido milk has a delicious baked texture. There are 6 flavors: Strawberry Baumkuchen from Tochigi Prefecture, Cherry Baumkuchen from Yamagata Prefecture, White Peach Baumkuchen from Yamagata Prefecture, and Honeydew Melon Baumkuchen from Hokkaido Prefecture , Mango Baumkuchen from Okinawa Prefecture, and Pear Baumkuchen from Yamagata Prefecture, one of each type.

There are also different popcorns in the gift box. One can of popcorn has 5 flavors, including: Earl Gray Latte, Muscat Grape, Almond Tofu, Chennai, Caramel

Gift box size: 195X184X85mm

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