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Create Hajimu Wellness Gift Set

Create Hajimu Wellness Gift Set

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To create a healthy body meaning. "Chuang" is packaged in a fan-shaped gift box made of washi paper, which contains five kinds of teas, three kinds of royal teas, and two kinds of health teas.

Wang Dao tea is暁 (sencha), scorch (hojicha) and Sunny (and black tea). And health tea, there are patrol (Tang Xinzi tea) and warm (ごぼう tea).

Under the exquisite Japanese design, at the same time, there is a care for the gift object, which is decent but not exaggerated.

On the border between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, there is a mountainous area called "Sayama Hills". In the north of the hills, the tea produced in Saitama Prefecture is called "Sayama tea", and in the south, the tea produced in Tokyo is called "Tokyo Sayama tea", or "Tokyo tea".

Packing: 5 kinds of tea, each containing 2g tea bags x3, a total of 15 tea bags Place of Origin: Sayama, Tokyo

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