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Shigaraki Yaki Mount Fuji Sake Cup

Shigaraki Yaki Mount Fuji Sake Cup

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The Mount Fuji series with pearl white and lapis lazuli color matching.
In the same series, there are large bowls, small rice bowls, sake glasses, mugs, etc., all in the same beautiful colors. If you have a set of Tableware can make the usual dishes more gorgeous.

Shigaraki ware is one of the six ancient kilns. Different types of pottery are used to fire it. It looks rough and plain, but it has natural beauty.
Today, various products such as tableware and containers are developed to suit people's lifestyles by utilizing the characteristics of pottery. Shigaraki is a vessel that becomes more flavorful as you use it. Let's enjoy the change through time.

Approx. 6.5 x 5 cm * 60 ml
Material: Ceramic
Origin: Japan

*Since it is a handmade product, there may be slight differences in color, shape, size, etc.

*Before the first use, wash with water and soak for half a day to remove the peculiar smell and dust on the packing material.

*The bottom is not glazed and not smooth, in order not to hurt the table, it is recommended to use a placemat when using.

*If you put food with heavy ingredients such as sour, oily, and alcoholic beverages for a long time, it will cause stains, peculiar smell, and sticky feeling. Avoid holding such items for a long time.

* Avoid microwave use as it may cause glaze to discolor or crack.

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