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"Cartography" meaning "map creation" in English. 
Memories of a pleasant trip, the land of yearning that I want to go, food and drinks that I want to taste. 
It is a white map for adults who can write memories and dreams in such a head with free ideas. 
The cartography (A3 size) uses heavy paper on map paper, and the lower left logo mark is processing foil with luxurious gold, so one point of special feeling is born on the completed map. 
It is a fun map even if you write in memories of memories of friends and family and make it like an album or decorate it as a display. 


Paper Size :420 x 297mm
Case Size : 450 x 318mm 
Packaging Size : W 453x H320x D5mm
Quantity : 5 Pcs

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Paper