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Caroma キャロマ Candlestick Incense Holder

Caroma キャロマ Candlestick Incense Holder

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Caroma キャロマささやかに香りで満たす Fill the space with fragrance

Caroma is an all-in-one incense holder and candle holder that allows you to light incense sticks, towers or candles at any time and conveniently.
The upper part is the incense holder. The Japanese-made pottery cover can be placed on one side of the incense stick, and the other side can be placed on the incense stick. The brass incense holder with traditional Japanese patterns adds a gorgeous feel.
The lower part is the candle holder, which can be safely lit, bringing a comfortable and relaxing light and a gentle aroma.
Caroma and Cherin chimes work perfectly together to bring you moments of calm.

Size: Φ72×H47mm
Material: True Beef (brass), Magnetic Handle: Seven Treasures (Gold), Plum Bowl (Silver)
Country of manufacture: Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan

Caroma and Cherin belong to the Sotto series of Seo Seisakusho.
In production, a technique called "forging" is used, where pressure is applied to heated metal to form the shape.
Using the technology that Seo has refined over the years, the brass softened by heating to 800 degrees is tempered with up to 800 tons of pressure to achieve high-quality cleanliness.

From raw materials to finished products, they are all made by craftsmen in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan, at the Seo Works.

Italian Merchant Registration No. 1558951, Trademark Registration No. 5855283

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