Kotodo Takahashi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


The first generation Mr. Takahashi Chuzo started to make airtight cans in 1897 in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, and the factory has not changed the beginning of the production of airtight cans for 125 years.

"Because the airtight can is something that the Japanese people use every day, we want to make it comfortable, safe, and enjoyable every time you use it. And no matter how much time and effort it takes to develop and make it, we don't care about it. It will be very expensive because it is always a tin can. Besides, in this era, if the product is not friendly to people and the environment, it is also useless and unsuitable for modern people's life." Said Akihito Takahashi, president of the fourth generation.

Even though more than 100 years have passed and the craftsmen and tools are different, the ideas and techniques set by the first generation have been handed down, and the Kotodo Takahashi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. continues to make sealed jars one by one with exquisite craftsmanship.

  • Perfect fit lid and can interface

    The airtight jars made by Jiangdongtang have the borders between the outer lid and the main body flat with each other.

    Achieving this level of near-perfect engagement for handmade products is unique to the manufacture's centuries of experience.

    The flat engagement position allows for maximum hand friction when opening and closing the can, making it smooth and easy to open and close, but not easy to fall off.

    Of course, it is a part without extra protrusions, which makes the appearance of the lines more beautiful.

  • High air-tight lid, tight but easy to open and close

    The workshop uses a steel middle lid instead of a plastic version used by a tray manufacturer.

    The advantage of a plastic inner lid is that it is cheap and hassle-free, but it allows light and odors to pass through, and the inner lid itself has an odor. And plastic expands and contracts with temperature and humidity, affecting its airtightness.

    The traditional steel inner cover is used to maintain high shading and deodorization performance, as well as stable performance and air tightness all day long.

    In addition, the scratch-resistant treatment of the middle lid, the easy-to-grip knob shape, and the luxurious golden inner lid are all fine-tuned by artisans to perfectly fit the can.

    The body of the can is also fine-tuned by artisans in each process to make it highly airtight and more comfortable to use.

    Please keep in mind the sealing jar corresponding to each middle cover, otherwise it will affect its sealing.

  • Careful anti-𠝹 treatment of the edge of the can

    At the openings of the can and lid rims, the manufacturer carefully rolls the rims inwards slightly to round out the sharp stainless steel rims.

    If so, it becomes very safe for daily users.

  • 100% lead-free, safe to use

    Jiangdongtang uses lead-free electric welding to make each can.

    And use steel that complies with the Food Sanitation Act and lead-free paint on all materials for natural safety and security.