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Persimmon dyed rectangular pouch

Persimmon dyed rectangular pouch

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Cute figures are painted on the plain kakibuki dyed cloth.
Maximize the use of persimmon dyed material.
This is a stylish pouch that can also be used as a pencil case.
*Zip closure

【What is persimmon dyeing? 】
It has been used for over 1000 years long ago when there were no chemical dyes. Has fabric strengthening and water repelling properties.
Persimmons are made by harvesting persimmons and ripening them for at least three years. Since ancient times, it has been used as a tool in daily life and as a folk
dyed matter. this kind Kakishibu dyeing is dyeing using a technique that is as close to nature as possible without using chemicals.

The resulting color changes subtly depending on the composition of the water, the season and the weather. Uneven dyeing and darkening may occur, but please understand that this is the texture of persimmon juice staining. Because it is a natural dye, the color may fade slightly.

size: 10.5x3x18cm

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