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Doraemon & Doraemon Double Disc Set

Doraemon & Doraemon Double Disc Set

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100% pure tin Doraemon & Doraemon double disc set. Tin tableware has antibacterial effect and is very safe to use. You can use this set of small plates for serving desserts, or repurpose them to suit your needs. In addition to serving meals, this set of small plates is also very suitable for use as decorative plates and coasters.
You can take away Doraemon & Doraemon's modeling small plate set at one time, which is an excellent choice for your gift.

Item size:
H16 x W147 x D85 (mm)
Material: 100% of tin
Origin: Toyama Prefecture, Japan Weight Capacity: 180g

※H refers to the height from the table top to the rim, not the thickness.
※All products are hand-cast, and the appearance of each product will be slightly different. In addition, air holes and flow marks generated during casting are not included in the scope of defects.

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