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Re-food utensils チグ recycled soil Mino ware 16.5cm bowl (height 5.5cm)

Re-food utensils チグ recycled soil Mino ware 16.5cm bowl (height 5.5cm)

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A little warmer and calmer, the colors of this plate are inspired by the earth's soil, the foundation of our lives.
チグ means "earth" in Korean.
Re-tableware is an environmentally friendly tableware born out of the desire to care for the earth.

It gently complements dishes without being overpowering.
They'll make you want to use them every day, and they're designed in easy-to-adopt shapes and colors.
Become the basis of your everyday life.
Japanese style, Western style, Chinese style, Korean style, ethnic style... Please use your culinary skills in various fields.
These small plates are great as dessert plates and serving plates.

[Re-food utensils]
Clay, the raw material of pottery, is extracted from mud, but once fired, pottery will not return to the mud even after 1,000 years.
Until now, the only way to dispose of unused tableware was to bury it in landfills.
The idea of ​​how to recycle and reuse them as raw materials for pottery has led to the creation of "Re-foodware", which is made from recycled clay.

[チグ] is kneaded from 20% used cutlery scraps, which are ground to less than 1mm and turned into traditional clay.

width/ 16.5x16.5cm
Capacity (when full) / about 595cc
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material/Composition: Ceramic (20% Recycled Porcelain Clay/Re20)

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